Six Georgia Senators have introduced legislation to revoke the right for DACA Applicants and Recipients (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to obtain Georgia Driver's Licenses and ID cards. The proposed bill removes DACA Approval evidence from their list of available documents for issuance of a temporary driver's license or permits (SB 404).  Among those to introduce this Bill are State GOP Senators Heath of the 31st, Gooch of the 51st, Crane of the 28th, Murphy of the 27th, and Hill of the 32nd.

However, the Senate cannot make this bill law until and unless the House first adds this language to one of their bills. The House Committee in charge of all Motor Vehicle issues is meeting on Monday February 24th at 2pm at State Senate Room 606. They are meeting to discuss HB 621, which currently has nothing to do with DACA recipients, but this may quickly change!

The entire purpose behind creating DACA and granting children and young adults this opportunity was to not unfairly punish young children who were undocumented because their parents brought them to this country without legal status at a young age. Revoking the right for DACA recipients to obtain Georgia Driver's licenses would go against the legislative intent behind the creation of DACA in the first place.  DACA was created so that young children and adults would not be punished for the actions of their parents, and to encourage them to stay in school and become upstanding members of the community.  However, without driver's licenses, how are DACA recipients supposed to go to school or work or be involved in the community without a way to commute or valid identification?

We encourage you to reach out to your House Representatives and Senators AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to discourage them from enacting this piece of legislation.  We also encourage you, as the community, to go to the House meeting on Monday February 24, 2014, 2pm at Room 606 of the Georgia State Capitol to show that you are in support of such anti-immigrant and unfair laws. The Georgia State Capitol is located at 206 Washington Street SW, Atlanta, GA.

Here is a link to the actual proposed bill SB404:


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